Review: ‘Dead Reckoning’ by Charlaine Harris – Book Eleven of Southern Vampire Mysteries Series.

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I think ‘Dead Reckoning’ is a good addition to the Southern Vampire Mysteries Series.    As usual, this book is set in and around Bon Temps and takes place a few weeks from where the last instalment left off.    While it misses some of the action of the earlier novels, it could be suggested that this novel is meant to be a turning point in the series.  Sookie, who in the earlier books was just trying to survive  is now examining how her past choices will impact on her future.  In particular, Sookie is thinking about the future she could have – especially a family of her own.   It has to be said that, while Sookie had been thinking about these things before, this book really highlights her character growth, which can only add to the series. 
The book is similar in pace to the early books in the series, while continuing on with later storylines.  However, it can be argued that this instalment is a build up book, which some readers may find not to their taste.  Personally, I enjoyed the pace better than some of the other books, where it appeared that everything would pile up on Sookie, from several different angles and usually reach some conclusion by the end of the novel.  Don’t get me wrong, this novel does have some interesting twists and turns, and one particular story arch seems to conclude at the end of the text at least.  The book is great in suggesting that more is soon to come – Sookie grows more and more aware as the story progresses that events that concern her are happening and she knows very little about them.  My favourite scene is rather mundane – Sookie washing the delph and looking out the window to see two strange creatures speed through her back garden, but I think it highlights the above point. 
Sookie’s humour is usually my favourite parts of the books.  Her ability to laugh during the most solemn of conversations and not to take herself too seriously is what makes the books charming to me.   ‘Dead Reckoning’ is on par with many of the other books in this respect, especially early on in the book when Sookie needs a new haircut.  Overall I think that this book is a very good addition to the series.  It is an enjoyable read, and definitely made this reader want to find out when the next book will be out, which is always a good sign.     


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