‘You and I’ Review

‘You and I’ is the fourth and latest release from the Pierces.   For those that do not know about the Pierces, they are a duo, made up of two sisters called Allison and Catherine Pierce.  They hail from the USA and make interesting folksy-poppy music as far as I can tell.  I’m a new fan, and have only really heard this album, but sometimes that is all you need to know. 
‘You and I’ is a sweet, energetic album.  From the other reviews I have read (Q magazine eons ago) their sound has been linked to hippies and witchcraft and all that stuff.   I think the album has something psychedelic about it, but I think that that has more to do with the way the sisters use old school harmonies when they sing than anything else.  The harmonies are beautifully done, and seem effortless. 
The instrumentals in ‘You and I’ are also really nice.  The guitars are kind of jangly and the overall atmosphere created by the different instruments is bluesy but fun.  There is softness to the music, and the lyrics range from the sad ‘The Good Samaritan’ to the playful ‘You’ll be Mine’. 
My personal favourite song is ‘Close My Eyes’
Overall I really like this album, and it is one that I will probably listen to for a long time to come.


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