I Love Music: The Stone Roses

The Stone Roses are back together again
I would have put an exclamation mark after the last statement, only by the time this post goes up most people who know about the Stone Roses, will know that they are back together.  It’s been all over YouTube and everything.  So this isn’t really news anymore.  If this is news to you then wow cool that you found out here on my little blog.  That’s a joke FYI. 
The Stone Roses were a rock group, formed in Manchester in the eighties.  They came to prominence in the UK around 1989 – the year they released their self-titled debut album.  The album contained hits such as ‘I Wanna be Adored’ and ‘Fools Gold’.  It coincided with the rise of the’ baggy’ indie rock/dance scene and so is seen as a standout from that genre.  Their second album ‘The Second Coming’ came out a few years later, and isn’t as much the darling of the music critics.  The band frequently gave amusing (though often very topical and interesting) interviews later emulated by the likes of the Gallagher brothers of Oasis (who openly adore the Stone Roses). 
I’m not writing this blog post as a news item though, more of an ‘I’m so excited I might as well’ post’.  Honestly, I’m thrilled that they are back together after all those years.   I’ve been a fan for over five years, and over that course of time have read many interviews with various members where they said they never would, despite the money.   I accepted what was said, and so got into the other groups associated with the Stone Roses such as The Happy Mondays and Primal Scream. 
So I’m really glad.  Even though it looks like all the shows they are going to do will sell out in minutes.  Which makes the chances of me going rather small, but still, I hope I get a chance to see them live.  Either way it will certainly be legendary. 

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