I Love Music: The Academy Is…


To be more precise then the title allows, I love the album ‘Santi’ by The Academy Is….  It wasn’t a very well recieved album by the critcs but I have always loved it.  I think it is better then many people give it credit for. 

This is supposed to be a short post so all I’ll say is listen to this song, if you like sad songs you might love this:
‘Santi’ is a lot like the song above, and the lyrics aren’t as dare I say as Fall Out Boy ( I love FOB but one of them was enough) as the stuff that came before this.  To me ‘Everything we had’ sounds like the moment the penny drops or the world falls out from under someone.  The lyrics just seem to resonate for some reason.

 FYI the Academy Is… has broken up now, but they were on the Fueled by Ramen label – the one that brought the world Fall Out Boy, Gym Class Heros, Panic at the Disco, Hey Monday and Paramore.  I pretty much worshiped FbR when I was younger.  It had many good poppy-punkish bands on it, and probably still does, only I’m not as into that stuff anymore. 

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