30 Day Book Challenge – Day Two: Least Favourite Book


This is kind of a mean post.  Writers work really hard, so I don’t like being mean, particularly in a public arena. Like I mentioned in the Day One post, I tend to like everything I read.  But I’m human so there are a couple that I don’t like…;)

1. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

I first read the Twilight series (or what was out from it) in 2007.  I was younger, and it was summer so I was bored out of my mind.  I really liked the series for a couple of months.  Then, while I was reading the third book, I just couldn’t keep going.  The’ relationship’ between Edward and Bella was too much for me.  As far as I could see it was just plain crazy.  She threw herself off cliffs for him.  She’d faint in his presence.  And worst of all she never, ever  questioned his controlling behavior, or even really noticed it.  She was pretty unaware.

2 American Gods by Neil Gaiman

American Gods is a very different novel to Twilight.  It contains adult themes and scenes.  The plot is excellent, and the twist at the end really was enjoyable to read.  But the reason why this is on my list is because I had to force myself to get through it.  I hated reading it overall.  I didn’t emotionally connect with any of the characters.  I’ve read several others books by Gaiman and loved them, but this one just did not live up to my expectations.


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