30 Day Book Challenge – Day Four: Book that makes you cry


Okay, so I will be hard on myself here, because most books make me cry.  I never cry at the telly (and I’ve watched that episode where Buffy’s mother dies fyi) or a movies.  I’m going to pick just one though.

The High Lord by Trudi Canavan

The Black Magician Trilogy follows the story of Sonea (a slum dweller) who finds out that she has magical powers and has to go to the Magician’s Guild and learn how to control them.  I’m not going to go into a long expiation of the series, or The High Lord for that matter, because I intend on reviewing them on this blog soon.  However, I will say that the trilogy, while targeted at young adults, is actually very dark.  The High Lord is an example of that.  I can’t really say what happens here without spoiling it, but I will say that I cried mainly though the entire last part of the book.  The Guild were just so helpless and the fight was both dramatic and appropriate.  The end is a shocker, it really is.  Big characters die in awful ways… I’m going to stop there 🙂


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