Book Reaction: Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris



I’ve decided not to do a review of this book for two reasons.  Firstly, this is number twelve in the Southern Vampire Mysteries/ Sookie Stackhouse Series, so chances are if you have any curiosity or interest in the series you’ve already read many of the books.  Secondly, I just felt that any review I tried to write about Deadlocked would suffer because I didn’t overly like it, and without spoilers I can’t fully explain why.

Like a lot of fans I was really looking forward to Deadlocked.  Unlike the vast majority I actually liked the previous installment – Dead Reckoning – so I hoped that this would be more of the same.  At first it did show promise and then, about one hundred and fifty pages in I realised that I still hadn’t actually gotten into the book.  It was sort of enjoyable, I will give it that.  A lot of fans are angry because so much of the book is the mundane life of Sookie.  I agree that it got a little out of hand, but at the same time I actually like Sookie’s internal monologues.

The mystery story in Deadlocked is non-existent.  Jannalynn wasn’t a big surprise, because Sookie hates her and it was clear from the start that something was up between them.  I was a bit disappointed at how obvious it was.  More than that, I actually was a little baffled, because for several books there Jannalynn was a minor annoyance but not much more.  Correct me if I’m mistaken but I distinctly remember that when Sookie filled in as Long Tooth Pack shaman, Jannalynn was the most devoted in the pack to Alcide.  Deadlocked provided no explanation for this change of heart.

Like other fans I also didn’t like the treatment of Eric in the novel.  Or Alcide for that matter.  I think that it is less noticeable if you don’t think back to the older books.  There was a great absence of the early chemistry between Eric and Sookie.  As a matter of fact there was a great absence of any chemistry between any characters.  Pam didn’t even get the time to be her sarcastic self.  Sookie is suffering from a mental break – which is understandable – but that also means a lot of the humour is gone.  The series used to make me laugh out loud  at the tongue-in-cheek humour about how silly some of the supernatural stuff could be.  That was completely absent.

I’m not shocked about the Sam Sookie cliffhanger.  It makes logical sense.  Sookie is really, really broody.  She wants a normal life, with a normal family.  She wants a man who understands what she is and what she deals with day-to-day.  She wants someone who has a hard to read mind.  Sam fits all of those things perfectly.  There is a lack of any real passion between them at the moment, but there is another book to come.  I still have hope.  Some have suggested that T-Rex could be Sookie’s happily ever after too – I think this is an attempt for some to hope for a less predictable series ending.  Who knows?  It would be interesting, and Sookie did make a small comment early in the book that T-Rex had a fascinating mind, and she would like to spend time near him to read it.  So maybe there is hope that the series can pick itself up.

I think that Deadlocked is a 2.5 stars kind of book.  It is part of a great series, and has characters that are strong.  It’s just such a huge disappointment.  I didn’t hate it, I just didn’t really care by the end of it.  I’m not even going to mention the fairy thing.  I mean really?  Niall just shows up, saves the day and with a snap of his fingers takes away a plotline that has been building for several books.  Worst of all Sookie has no funny one-liners about the weirdness of it all.  She doesn’t start laughing like the Sookie of old. She just accepts it all like a cynical, exhausted person.  That last sentence pretty much sums up the book for me.

What did you think of Deadlocked?


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