Self-Help Wednesday


Over on my Tumblr blog I like to do this thing where I post quotes from the books that I am reading.  Over time, I have noticed that I tend to either go for quotes that are making a statement, or more commonly are wise.  Usually the quotes I like are relatable  to real life.  So, now that I’m blogging more here, I’ve decided that as regularly as possible I’m going to stick some up here too.

What can I say?  I just really love quotes.

This quote is from the latest Sookie Stackhouse novel – Deadlocked, which I did a reaction to the other day.  While I wasn’t that into the book, I just read this quote and had to write it down, because I blurt things out without thinking sometimes, and I wanted to remember not to because it leads me into trouble!

I thought that was a pity, but I kept my mouth shut.  There was nothing to gain and everything to lose by adding my two cents.  They were grown-ups.  (Page 49)

It is a very simple, but true statement, and I know that it is something I forget way too often.


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