30 Day Book Challenge: Day Twelve – book that is most like your life.


I don’t live a very exciting life, but I do live an unusual one (to a certain extent).  I am very shy.  I get panic attacks in public.  I’m basically agoraphobic.  I have looked for books that have characters like that in them, but have yet to find any.  If anyone has encountered a book like that I would love to hear about it.

I thought about skipping this one, but then I thought again.  I have read a poem that resonated with me, and reminded me of my life because of how the character felt.

‘The Princess Recalls her One Adventure’ by Edna St Vincent Millay

Hard is my pillow

Of down from the duck’s breast,

Harsh the linen cover;

I cannot rest.

Fall down, my tears,

Upon the fine hem,

Upon the lonely letters,

Of my long name;

Drown the sigh of them.

We stood by the lake

And we neither kissed nor spoke;

we heard how the small waves

Lurched and broke,

And chuckled in the rock.

We spoke and turned away. 

We never kissed at all.

Fall down, my tears,

I wish that you might fall.

On the road by the lake.

Where my cob went lame,

And I stood with the groom

Till the carriage came.  

Okay so I’m not posh or a princess, but I think what resonates in me when I read this poem is the sense of isolation.

Another poem that I liked, but it doesn’t really have much in common with my life is ‘The Lady of Shalott’ by Tennyson.


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