30 Day Book Challenge: Day Fourteen – Book whose main character you want to marry


Yet again this is going to be a post about a character from an Anne Bishop novel.  I just love all the books that I’ve read by her! I don’t know whether I should be alarmed or amused with how frequently I mention them here.  Todays post was a no brainer.   If I could marry any fantasy character then it would be Lucivar Yaslana from the Black Jewels Books.

   I don’t really read romance books.  That is a lie.  I don’t read any romance books.  I have tried, I just stop my eyes rolling at the plot lines or (more commonly) the synopsis.  The only exception to this rule is the novella ‘The Prince of Ebon Rih’ in Dreams Made Flesh.  I had already read all of the original trilogy, and liked the concept of reading a novel that fills in the pieces so I ordered Dreams Made Flesh from amazon, and fell in love with the storyline.

Why is Lucivar the perfect fantasy husband?  Well off the top of my head I can think of these reasons:

  • He wants to have an equal partnership with Marian.
  • He helps her deal with her insecurities.
  • He is funny and warm to her, despite his reputation.
  • He is very attractive.  That is always a plus.  I know I’m being shallow, but this is a question about a fantasy character!
  • He accepts Marion even though she isn’t as powerful as him.
  • He is just a good guy overall.
  • He wants all women to be able to defend themselves.  He isn’t threatened by them despite his upbringing.
  • He doesn’t think that he is superior to anyone else, except, you know, evil people.
  • He isn’t as moody a his brother Daemon Sadi.  He is rather sane despite it all.

I have to say that this is a bit of an embarrassing question to answer.  I don’t usually like admitting to any fantasy/tv crushes.  I have a fair few of them, but I’m not one for fan-girling.


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