Relaxing my Reading


Lately I’ve been thinking about books a lot.  At the start of the year I blogged about how I wanted to do the 50 Book Challenge.  I kept to my resolution, and was ahead of myself until this week.  Then I started reading ‘War and Peace’ by Leo Tolstoy.  ‘War and Peace’ is a huge book, with tiny writing in it.  I contemplated how I was going to keep up with the challenge, and went so far as to ear-mark pages in the book that I had to reach while reading other books to keep up.

Then I just felt really bad about it.  I realised that it is a bit wrong to do that.  When I properly started reading a few years ago it was about fun.  I read a lot of different genres back then, and just picked books up because they interested me, not because, you know, I had to find something to blog about or notch up another book towards the challenge.

I realise that book challenges have many positive points too.  They help to prioritize reading, and can be useful to beat slumps.  The more time I spend reading the calmer I am.  But I just want to stop feeling like a machine about it all.  Everyone is different and obviously a lot of people like doing challenges, and reading a lot of books.

I just want to go back to the slower, happier reader that I used to be.

In terms of blogging, I fully intend to continue.  I hope to post as regularly as possible.  I’m just not going to be counting anymore and trying to be more relaxed in general.


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