30 Day Book Challenge: Day Thirty – Favourite Coffee Table Book


I can’t believe that this is the final post in this challenge!  I’m going to assume that a ‘coffee table book’ is a book that you would leave out and hope that someone who was visiting would want to talk about.  This is a difficult question for me, because I don’t do that.

If I did do it I’d probably put something like ‘A Game of Thrones’ by George R. R. Martin on the table, or any other book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series.  Why?  Firstly, because the books are now huge due to the success of the show.  Chances are that a guest would have at least heard of the TV series and it wouldn’t be a complete blank slate.  Secondly, the books are though provoking – I have lots of conversations about them.  George R. R. Martin incorporates a lot of realistic things into his books – and you can compare some events to real history, so it makes for a good conversation.  Finally, I think it would be a bit too personal to put a political or controversal book out to talk to guests about – you don’t want the conversation to become too deep and heavy, or end in a fight.

Maybe I’ve misinterpreted the question and a ‘coffee table book’ is a book with a pretty cover that makes your table look better.  I don’t really admire book covers though – I like some of them, but as long as the book is good I’m usually okay with a less than beautiful cover.  But I think that the ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ books have lovely covers anyways, so they kind of double.


9 thoughts on “30 Day Book Challenge: Day Thirty – Favourite Coffee Table Book”

  1. I class coffee table books as large books with mainly pictures that you can browse and read bits here and there but of course any book that is on a coffee table is a coffee table book

  2. I love A Game of Thrones, I was introduced to it by the TV series but I love the books so much more. I’m just about to start A Storm of Swords 2: Blood and Gold and can;t wait. George R.R Martin is a fantastic writer and it’s brilliant how he’s managed to creat such a complex world of complex characters!

    1. You are going to love ASOS part 2 – that is where a lot of the biggest events happen. GRRM is a genius imho 🙂

      1. Yeah I can;t wait to start it, I do have to admit that I’ve kind of ruined it for myself but still, it’s going to be amazing! Have you read all the books that are out?

      2. I think that the later books are different from the early ones. The pace is slower and because of the way GRRM wrote them (he split them up differently) there are more cliffhangers. Personally I loved A Dance with Dragons, so I wouldn’t say that the quality of the books goes down, but yeah they are different – there are less answers at the moment in the series and more questions.

      3. Ah okie dokie that’s cool! I’m glad, I’d heard that the quality suffered a bit, but I shall enter it with an open mind, given how amazing his writing is anyway I’m sure it’s fantastic. Thanks for that! 🙂

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