Musing Mondays (June 25)


I haven’t done this for a couple of weeks – mainly because when the mood takes me I don’t go on the computer for a few days.

Musing Mondays is a weekly event held by Should Be Reading where bloggers are asked to answer a question about books. This weeks musing is:

Do you set goals for yourself, while reading? For example, “I want to get this book finished this weekend“, or “I will read __ pages today“, etc. Why, or why not?

I do set unofficial mini-goals that I rarely seem to meet.  I think it depends on what I’m attempting to read at the time.  If it is a book I’m in love with then the mini-goal usually will be completed and then some.  If it is a book that I only sort of like then it can be a struggle.  Or if it is a book that is say, a classic and it is difficult to read then I might stick to my goal or have to make the mini-goals smaller.  For example, years ago when I read The Lord of the Rings I read it ever day, and it took me I think a couple of months.  I read very little of it each day, but it is embarrassing.  My nerd-cred just took a nose dive with that confession.  I don’t know why it took so long because I loved reading it but I think I found some of the language difficult.  Ironically, I read Wuthering Heights in about three days the first time and Jane Eyre in a couple of weeks and I was younger when I read those two.  Anyways I’m rambling… 🙂

I guess overall I’m not a goal person.  I might say that I’d like to do a certain amount, but I rarely take it seriously.  Reading wouldn’t be much fun if I made it into a chore.


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