I Remember Delight is (so far) primarily a book blog.

The name is not meant to be depressing – indeed I actually named the blog after the character Delirium from the Sandman graphic novel series.  She used to be Delight you see, and then she had to change or die, which is the point of the series… anyway I’m rambling.

I do that a lot.  You have been warned.

I’m not good at introducing myself but I’ll give it a try.

I am twenty-one years old, I love to read, I love animals especially dogs.  I suffer from depression and agoraphobia.  I study English and History in college, but took a gap year this year (2011-2012) because I started having severe panic attacks.

I want this blog to be about stories.  I mean stories in a broad definition – novels, music, modern books, classics, real life, art, TV, film, fairy tales, myths, short stories, poetry.  I hope to talk about all those things at one point or another, but realistically I’ll probably stick to books and music the majority of the time.

I don’t know if I have a blogging routine yet – I suppose it depends on the week.  Ideally, I’m going to post a book review once a week, and do an occasional reaction post on the book being reviewed.   I don’t really want to put up a picture of myself here yet – I’m camera-shy (and just shy in general).

All the books that I review are purchased/picked from the library by me, unless specified otherwise.  In general I read fantasy books – but I also enjoy classics and books from other genres.


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