Too Shy to Scream

Hello world.  I’ve been joined up here for a couple of months, but have found it hard to actually say anything.  I mean I joined up wanting to say a lot, but never feeling happy with how I said it if I did write anything at all.  I figure I have to overcome some of my shyness in order to do that (lol).  I started this blog hoping to review books but I’ve had doubts about that too.  I’ve not been reading much lately.  Anyways, I figure that my current frame of mind can be sumed up with this song: 

Sometimes I really hate being a shy person.   If you are a shy person you know what I mean.  I find it hard to make friends and always feel awkward talking to people.  I hope having a blog at least helps me gain some confidence in some respect, even if no one ever reads it. 
 AFI are great!