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Musical Interlude: Pearl’s Dream and Duality


Isn’t Bat For Lashes amazing?  I keep wanting her new album to come out soon.  What I love about Pearl’s Dream and the album Two Suns in general is the sense of story-telling it evokes.  I love the theme of duality without.  It is a concept that has stayed with me.  It made me think about how you can be more than one thing – that in essence we are all more than one thing and that there can be both good and bad in a person.


Blog post where I forget I’m supposed to be a music snob.


I’ve found some new-to-me music lately, and to be honest if you are a music snob then you should click out of this right now.  I’m about to put up a Nickleback song.  I used to be a music snob, and I am still a bit like that.  You wouldn’t think it by the majority of songs I post about here, but once upon a time I had ‘standards’ and would only listen to what Kerrang! and occasionally what Q and NME told me to.

Anyways onto what I can only call ‘summer music’.

The first song is ‘Gotta be Somebody’ by Nickleback.  I’m not a Nickleback fan at all, but this song is a Summer song and I have it on loop as I write this.

I know this came out in like 2008.  I had no idea that this existed.  See above, and well you know why I haven’t heard it before.  I don’t listen to the radio.  I am strange.

The next song I actually found through the movie ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ which I decided to watch recently, because I’ve seen the ending a million times and Sky Movies is constantly repeating it at the moment. (Note that I am not a movie snob at all.)  It is ‘Secrets’ by One Republic

I don’t have much to comment about this song other than that I like it and I have a faint recollection of One Republic being big a couple of years back.  The lyrics are good.  That is all I have to say.

Musical Gems of Late: Florence and the Machine, Stabilo


It’s been a while since I last did one of these.  I’m finding a lot more music lately so it is great fun to share that here.

The first song is a bit different to the norm when it comes to music.  Most songs are about love, or personal growth.  This one isn’t.  The lyrics are about being a compulsive liar.  It stands out from the crowd and has a folksy rocky feel to it.  It is ‘Flawed Design’ by Stabilo.

The second song is by Florence and the Machine and is the first track on ‘Ceremonials’ their second album.  It’s called ‘Only if For a Night’ and sounds really epic.  In my opinion it is the best track on the album.  I love the choir sounds on this album, but especially this song.  It’s a beautifully emotional song.